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Albums: Past Research Projects


Our laboratories have addressed several classes of unsteady separated flows, with application to flow-induced vibration, noise generation, convective heat transfer and mixing phenomena. The intent of our investigations is to determine the underlying physics of these flows, with the eventual goal of controlling them. Techniques of high-image-density particle image velocimetry (PIV), which allow determination of the instantaneous, quantitative structure and its evolution with time, are central to all of our projects. The synopses provided in this report represent excerpts from selected investigations. It is our hope that this communication of our recent findings will stimulate cross-communication with other experimental, as well as theoretical and numerical studies at institutions sharing our research interests.

We are indebted to the Office of Naval Research, the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Volkswagen Foundation for primary support of our investigations. In addition, support in various forms through the governments of Australia, Germany, Japan and Turkey has allowed us to host visitors over extended periods. The splendid secretarial coordination of JoAnn Casciano and technical support of Dick Towne, Jim Bunderla, and Tim Nixon have been crucial to our progress.

For further information, please contact :

Professor Donald Rockwell
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
354 Packard Laboratory #19
Lehigh University
PA 18015



Vortex Impingement on Wings, Tails and Blades

Vortex Evolution along Perforated Plates

Vortex Formation from a Stationary Cylinder

Vortex Formation from an Oscillating Cylinder

Vortices due to Free-Surface Distortion and Free Surface-Cylinder Interaction

Vortex Development from a Cylinder in Simulations of Combined Wave and Current

Vortex Systems in Shallow Water