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Yasushi Watanabe (Japan)

Full Name: 
Yasushi Watanabe
Visiting Scientist at Lehigh University: December 1, 2006, to November 30, 2007
Visiting Professors, Post-Docs, etc.
Graduation Year: 
Office Address: 
6-13-1 Osawa, Mitaka-shi Tokyo 181-0015, Japan

Ph.D.: 1997, Tokyo Noko University


Watanabe, Y. and Murakami, A., (2006) “Control of Supersonic Inlet with Variable Ramp,” in: Proceedings of 25th International Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences.

Watanabe, Y., Akatsuka, J., Murakami, A. and Honami, S., (2005) “A New Boundary Condition Model for CFD Analysis of Porous Wall Bleeding,” J. of the Japan Soc. for Aeronautical and Space Sci., 53-623, pp. 8-13. (in Japanese)

Watanabe, Y. and Murakami, A., (2004) “Effect of Area Distribution and Centerline Configuration on Aerodynamic Performance of Subsonic Diffuser,” Trans. of Japan Society of Mech. Eng., B, Vol. 70, No. 696, pp.1999-2004. (in Japanese)

Fujiwara, H., Murakami, A. and Watanabe, Y., (2004) “Wind Tunnel Test of the NEXST2 Supersonic Intake Mounted underneath a Wing,” JAXA Research and Development Memorandum, JAXA-RM-03-027. (in Japanese)

Watanabe, Y., Murakami, A. and Fujiwara, H.,(2004) “Effect of Sidewall Configuration on Aerodynamic Performance of Supersonic Air-Intake,” JAXA Research and Development Report, JAXA-RR-03-009. (in Japanese)

Murakami, A., Watanabe, Y. and Fujiwara, H.,(2003) “Aerodynamic Design and Wind Tunnel Tests of 2nd Configuration Air-Intake for Jet-Powered Experimental Airplane,” Technical Memorandum of National Aerospace Laboratory, TM-774. (in Japanese)

Fujiwara, H., Murakami, A., and Watanabe, Y., (2002) “Numerical Analysis on Shock Oscillation of Two-Dimensional External Compression Intakes,” AIAA paper 2002-2740.

Watanabe, Y., Murakami, A., and Fujiwara, H., (2002) “Effect of Sidewall Configurations on the Aerodynamic Performance of Supersonic Air Intake,” AIAA paper 2002-3777.